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Better Together Communities

We are looking to make a difference in our community, with your help!  Better Together Communities is about working to connect and support our neighbors.   We have a concern for our aging and vulnerable citizens who live independently.  There is a digital divide and disconnect with our aging and vulnerable citizens, a disconnection that has put their safety at risk.  As their neighbor we have a responsibility to support their safety and wellbeing as valuable community members.  You can view the video above to see first-hand the steps we are taking now with support from partnerships we are forming with organizations and individual community members.  We are seeking to not only make our community better but to ensure our vulnerable and aging citizens have access to healthy meals and emergency planning that benefits the entire community.  Click the Start Now button below to complete a form to join the Better Together Community and help make a difference.

You can watch a video below of our most recent National Night Out Celebration and launch of Better Together Communities, working to connect and support our neighbors. 

Get to Know Us

More About Better Together

As a community, we should get to know each other and find out how we can work together to support those less advantaged, elderly or vulnerable in our emergency planning.  We are

Better Together.


Better Together Communities (BTC) was created with the needs of the community and neighbors as a whole in mind. We feel it is beneficial to create a community organization to achieve a common goal.  Communities are made up of neighbors who decide to form a relationship in order to support one another.  It is our belief that we can be better together when we put our resources as individual neighbors in an organized way to create, strengthen, and sustain a livable community. 


We see the importance in forming connections with our neighbors and responsibility to support the vulnerable members of our neighborhood.   We find it valuable to plan for emergencies and use our organizational gifts to support the residents and offer planning assistance and resources to help meet the needs of residents in emergencies.  You can help make a difference in your community with your support of our formation of the Better Together Community Organization, created to ensure the safety and emergency preparedness of all residents with special consideration in the support of our elderly and vulnerable community members.

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