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Our COVID Response
  • We’ve implemented a sanitation station for all staff, in which they keep clean scrubs onsite and change their clothes and wash their hands before entering the facility.

  • We’ve increased our staff meetings from once per week to twice per week so that we can keep abreast on patient care and new findings related to the COVID virus.

  • We’ve distributed masks and hand sanitizer as a part of the uniform to keep at all times.

  • We’ve implemented a patient waiting room for essential workers – nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists – who need to visit the residents in the front of the facility equipped with a gown, mask and hand sanitizer for them to assess just them and the resident. We bring that particular resident to them for assessment. After the assessment is over, we sanitize the room, we wash the resident’s hands and then return them to the community. The essential worker only enters that room and never comes in contact with the rest of the community. 

  • Deliveries are all opened outside with gloves on. The contents are brought in, but the boxes are left outside.

  • We now do most shopping online by restaurant distributors to avoid stores and to avoid contact in order to keep residents safe.

  • We’ve implemented teleconference and zoom as a means of communication for our residents and our other healthcare partners in order to maintain their health and keep them safe.

  • During this time, we feel a responsibility to keep families connected, so I have re-launched my website, Facebook and Instagram educating families on what we are doing amidst COVID and so families can keep connected during this uncertain time.

  • Lastly but most importantly, we continue to pray, provide activities (that don't require as much one one contact), wonderful cuisine, celebrate each day, and provide a loving, fun, safe environment for our residents!

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